Students who wish to earn college credit may be admitted as non-degree seeking students. These students enroll for a variety of reasons, such as personal interest, job improvement, or transfer credit purposes. Credits will be awarded for courses taken by non-degree seeking students.


Each course duration is 7.5 weeks and is offered in accordance with the DMAC Academic Calendar. Transfer credit is subject to institution approval.


Beginner Photoshop (CGD1015 Raster Imaging I)

Learn the basics of industry leading software, Adobe Photoshop and acquire skills to turn your digital photographs in to art. The course emphasis is on photographic effects and techniques. Students will use skills to analyze and create various images to be used in digital design.


Software: Photoshop

Book: Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book, Adobe Creative Team, Pearson, 1st Edition (ISBN: 9780321928078)

Rent/Buy: $13.00 - $24.00*


Advanced Photoshop (CGD1060 Raster Imaging II)

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level, learn advanced raster imaging techniques including high-level effects, unique filters and tools.


Prerequisite: Beginner Photoshop (CGD1015 Raster Imaging I)


Software: Photoshop

Book: none


Beginner Adobe Illustrator (CGD2005 Vector Imaging I)

Learn basic technical concepts and methods to create logos, print materials and more with Adobe Illustrator. Students will be able to explore the possibilities of Adobe Illustrator as a medium to create images and illustration, learn technical concepts and apply them to produce finished pieces.


Software: Illustrator

Book: Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book, Adobe Creative Team, Pearson, 1st Edition (ISBN: 9780321929495)

Rent/Buy: $13.00 - $38.00*


Introduction to Graphic Design (CGD1012 Basic Graphic Design)

This course addresses the basic elements of design theory. eLearning instruction and visual media provide an extensive introduction to professional graphic design.


Software: none (Illustrator/Photoshop Preferred)


  1. Creative Workshop, David Sherwin, F & W Pub, 1st Edition (ISBN: 9781600617973
    Rent/Buy: $10.00 - $20.00*
  2. Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide, Johanna Drucker; Emily McVarish, Pearson, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 9780205219469)
    Rent/Buy: $64.00 - $87.00*
  3. Design Basics, Stephen Pentek, David Lauer, Cengage, 8th Edition (ISBN: 9780495915775)
    Rent/Buy: $25.00 - $128.00*


Beginner Web Design (CGD2074 Web Design)

An eLearning course that covers basic web page design concepts and processes including planning, usability, content and site management. Students learn how to effectively implement and manage graphic design elements within Web page design using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.


Prerequisite: Beginner Photoshop (CGD1015 Raster Imaging I)


Software: Dreamweaver, Photoshop

Book: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites, Jon Duckett, Wiley, 1st Edition (ISBN: 9781118008188)

Rent/Buy: $18.00 - $23.00*


Advanced Web Design (CGD2076 Advanced Web Design)

Upgrade your web design skills with advanced and dynamic methods in content and interactivity design. Students will advance their skills and expand their understanding of Web page design concepts and processes. Through innovative projects, students will develop planning, usability, content, site management, interactivity, design and production skills for the Web.


Prerequisite: Beginner Photoshop and basic Dreamweaver skills (CGD2074 Web Design or Department Chair Approval)


Software: Adobe Suite

Book: none


Social Media Marketing Design (CGD2100 Social Media Campaigns)

Create the next viral marketing campaign. This course teaches students to design and implement advanced social media marketing campaigns. Utilizing emerging digital media design concepts students integrate e-commerce and interactive media such as mobile marketing, social media marketing (SMM), viral advertising, and video and user generated content (UGC) to create effective campaigns for major social networking platforms.


Prerequisite: CGD2025 Desktop Publishing or Department Chair Approval


Software: Adobe Suite

Book: none


Desktop Publishing (CGD2025 Desktop Publishing)

Learn basic digital page layout skills to create multi-page document designs with Adobe InDesign software. Topics include various graphic layout programs, page layout and multi-page document creation.


Prerequisites: Introduction to Graphic Design (CGD1012 Basic Graphic Design) and Beginner Photoshop (CGD1015 Raster Imaging I) or Department Chair Approval.


Software: InDesign

Book: Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book, Adobe Creative Team, Pearson, 1st Edition (ISBN: 9780321926975)

Rent/Buy: $13.00 - $38.00*


*all book pricing may vary depending on vendor


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