DMAC's faculty are comprised of dedicated educators who are also industry professionals. They work hard to prepare our students to develop their artistic capabilities and to channel their talents toward the pursuit of productive and successful careers. Click on their names to learn more about our faculty.

  • David Baer | Animation



    BFA International Fine Arts College

    MFA Miami International University of Art & Design


    Mr. Baer’s background has always been in the arts – drawing, painting, or music. His work before college began with late night wall-painting sessions as part of the AIM crew in Miami (Artists in Motion); and painting cars and low riders, earning top honors at local car shows.  David’s computer based skills began with painting a space-themed mural on a computer for a start-up company, Alienware.


    After graduating in 2004 with his Master’s, David was hired by DMAC. He loves working with bright, artistic students eager to learn and dedicate themselves to their craft, showing them new techniques and inspiring them to greater heights. When the end result is seeing their names in the credits of that blockbuster motion picture or triple-A video game, it makes all those great moments even more enjoyable knowing how their hard work and dedication paid off.

  • Mike Centkowski | Animation



    BS The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

    MFA Miami International University of Art & Design


    Mr. Centkowski is a 3D animation generalist. He especially enjoys animation, game art design, and sculpting in Zbrush. He was invited to be a tech talk speaker at SIGGRPAPH in 2006 where he met a representative of DMAC, and he has been teaching ever since. Mike has also worked on several commercials including Nissan, Animal Planet, White Castle, and many others. He also worked on a comic called “Zoom Suit” along with two short 2D animations based on the book that won in several film festivals. He is very passionate about gaming, animation, and most importantly teaching.

  • John Conway | Design



    BFA Atlanta College of Art

    MFA Florida Atlantic University


    Mr. Conway specializes in Motion Graphics. Most of his industry experience is in advertising, including pre and post production for national and local TV commercials. John likes working with a company’s mascot or branding to come up with creative animations that help sell a product or communicate a company's mission. He has taught Computer Animation and Graphic Design for the past 9 years here at DMAC, currently teaching Motion Graphics and Web Animation.

  • Brandan Craft | Design



    BA The University of Pittsburgh

    MFA The Ohio State University & Design


    Visual Communication Designer Crafting Brands - this best describes this practicing designer, educator, and entrepreneur. Mr. Craft believes that teaching design is a problem solving activity that forces students to understand WHY a problem exists before training them on HOW that problem should be solved. By focusing on the WHY in order to reinforce the HOW, design students should gain the ability to break down complex problems in order to produce high quality solutions with limited assistance.

  • Michael Crary | Design



    AS Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

    BS Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

    MFA Ai Miami International University of Art & Design


    Mr. Crary has been working the past 15 years as a professional graphic designer, print services supervisor and college instructor. His professional design experience ranges from advertising to product design.


    Mike’s passion for teaching stems from the joy of working with students and passing on his knowledge and experience to them. Teaching is always exciting, since no two classes are the same and there are always new students with a diverse range of talent and personality.

  • Alejandro Duque | Animation



    BFA International Fine Arts College

    MFA Digital Media Arts College


    Mr. Duque’s work has been published in national and worldwide advertisement campaigns for Nissan, Toyota, Renault, Ford, Energizer, Citibank and Pepsi to name a few. His experience in the visual effects and 3d computer graphics field has aided some of the most significant advertisement agencies worldwide such as Young & Rubicam, Ogilvy and Mather, McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett and Zimmerman advertising in the successful development of their print and television campaigns. His Team Leadership and Proactive attitude has contributed with the fulfillment of all these and other projects.


    Alex is also an instructor, mentor and inspiration for the Computer Animation and Visual Effects Undergraduate and Graduate programs here at Digital Media Arts College.

  • David Fulton | Animation



    AOS ITT technical Institute

    BFA Digital Media Arts College

    MFA Digital Media Arts College


    Mr. Fulton started as a computer animation student in 2007 here at DMAC. He immediately fell in love with all aspects of animation and wanted to learn everything about it. Dave started helping many newer students with issues that would arise during their projects and became the go-to guy for late night help in the lab.


    As he was completing his bachelor’s degree, Dave realized he enjoyed helping others learn the art of computer animation. He pursued a master’s degree so he could teach people the art form he has come to love.

  • Kevin Kao | Animation



    BA Fujen Catholic University

    MFA Miami International University of Art & Design


    Mr. Kao has been teaching computer animation for over 10 years. His research field includes Maya, Nuke, Motion Capture, Houdini note based voronoi, and fluid particle effects. His recent projects include: the AAA game, Alien: Colonial Marines; Green Group plant commercial and Visual Effects for Colombian singer Juanes concert.


    Mr. Kao enjoys his teaching career every single day and he always believes in one thing:


    “Not everyone can become a great CG artist, but a great CG artist can come from anywhere.”

  • Scott LeBlanc | Design



    AA Broward College

    BFA Florida Atlantic University

    MFA Miami International University of Art & Design


    Mr. LeBlanc is a veteran art director and illustrator with over 16 years of experience in the South Florida advertising world. His clients have included both national and international brands such as Dunkin Donuts, BBC, and SilverSea Cruises. Scott has won Gold awards in the American Advertising Awards, Creativity International Awards, The International Davey Awards, Hermes Creative Awards and The Communicator Awards. Away from teaching, he has his own design firm Foresight Studios.


    Scott loves to teach because he gets a rush from seeing students master new concepts and come up with brilliant ideas. He is passionate about the field of design and genuinely enjoys being able to share that enthusiasm with his students. Learning is a two way street and classrooms are dynamic work environments. Knowing he makes a difference in the lives of his students is incredibly rewarding.

  • Leslie Orue | Design • Animation



    AA International Fine Arts College

    BFA International Fine Arts College

    MFA Digital Media Arts College


    Mr. Orue is a creative professional with 15 years’ experience in all stages of design, including Motion Graphics, Animation, Print, and Web. Leslie started designing and illustrating at a young age with pencil and paper. He has a wide range of skills and software in his career as a Multi-Media Designer that include 2D - Adobe CC Suites: Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Maxon Cinema 4D, 3D - Autodesk MAYA, and 3D Max.

  • Mark Sparacio | Fine Arts



    BFA School of Visual Arts of NY, New York


    Successful illustrator Mark Sparacio studied sequential art for three years under the legendary Will Eisner — recognized as the creator of the Graphic Novel — at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. While still in school, Mark received his first professional assignment to create a painting for the movie poster for the United Artist International film, The Draughtsman’s Contract. This opportunity resulted in a long run as a freelance illustrator in the advertising industry.


    Mark has worked at Marvel and D.C. Comics; created covers for Comics Buyer's Guide and The Overstreet Price Guide; created paintings for card sets for UpperDeck/DC Comics and for Topps’ Wacky Packages, and Garbage Pail Kids.  He finished penciling and creating painted covers for the first story arc for his first creator-owned series, Omega Paradox, along with co-creator/writer, Ian Ng and former DMAC student, digital painter, Abe Melendez. In summer 2014, Mark began work on his second creator-owned Graphic Novel Series, Star Jumpers, with long-time friend and SVA/Will Eisner alum, co-creator/writer, Richard Martin, with interior digital painting again being supplied by Abe Melendez. Winter 2015 will also see the debut of his third creator-owned Graphic Novel Series, again with the help of former DMAC student, Abe Melendez as interior digital painter and letterer.


    Mark enjoys teaching and thoroughly loves giving back to the students what he was taught in college.



    For more information, visit Mark Sparacio’s Facebook page and please check out the Omega Paradox Facebook page!

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