DMAC Student Blog: David Valenzi on Masters Studies

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Hello, I’m David Valenzi. I’ve been a DMAC student for a while.  I moved from Texas in 2005 to attend DMAC, and got my BFA in Animation in 2008.  After that, I moved around Florida for a few years but chose not to work in the industry.

Eventually, I decided to come back to DMAC to get my Masters.  I let my skills decay after graduation, so I wanted to improve on those, but mostly, I wanted the degree so I can teach.  The professors here have been a big influence, so I’m trying to pick up on as much of their technique and knowledge as I can.

At the moment, I’m specializing in 3D tracking and set fitting in MatchMover, and rendering with Maya’s Mental Ray renderer, while trying to branch out into effects with Houdini. My interests extend further than just 3D, though.  I’m a big ol’ dork, with interests in standard “geek” things; fantasy and sci-fi, video games, movies, role-playing games, that sort of thing.  When I’ve got the time for it, I play a lot of fantasy-inspired games, like Dark Souls and Skyrim, along with sci-fi and post-apocalyptic games, like Halo and Fallout. Of course, being in the Masters program at DMAC, I don’t get much time for that! The program itself is tough, but not impossible.  It’s definitely a good challenge, and I’m picking up quite a bit along the way.  I’m in my second year here and it’s great to be back among like-minded people and fellow artists.



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