bruna Surrealism-v3

DMAC Student Blog: Bruna Cunha on Design Inspiration

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bruna Surrealism-v3

Becoming a digital artist has helped me to view the world in a different way. I am more observant of the details, the colors, the way people interact, and how the beauty of animals and nature can be part of my designs. Studying digital media has made me understand the value of marketing. Commercials have the power to change a thought from “No, I have no money to buy these” to a “Ohhh Yes, I love it. I´ll buy it!” It is so interesting that art can have the power to bring people to experience real feelings and take action. However, in this industry you will always need to be updated and study the newest trends, software, apps and codes.  That is what I´ve learned in my 4 years. This field requires  modern designs, new ways to code, improved apps with more functions, better interactive design, and a lot of hard work.

To me DMAC is a place that I can improve my skills and work on my portfolio to align with the U.S. taste for art. I´m focusing on learning the fundamentals of design, and branding. I had done tons of specialized courses, such as Photoshop I and II, Illustrator I, Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS, JQUERY, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Programming and others, but I´ve never have the chance to take college classes in web design. That is why I´ve choosen to study at Digital Media Arts College. The faculty here give students a lot of projects to do, so you always have an opportunity to practice what they teach in class. It feels almost the same as working on the design industry!

When I´m working on a project, I always look for creative inspiration.  I find it everywhere: Google, the strees of South Florida or right here on our DMAC walls.  Looking at the work of others gives me ideas on how to start working on my own stuff.

I love working out and I´m always looking for new gyms to try. It’s funny the logo and design of the gym company is the first thing that calls my attention. In my opinion, design makes everything look nicer, more beautiful and pleasant. I personally have a lot of products that I bought only because of the package design, or the website´s design. Design portrays life in the most beautiful way!


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