DMAC Student Blog: 1 on 1 Interactions

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Hey! I’m Tony Pineda, a recent 2015 graduate of Digital Media Arts College. These last 3 years at DMAC have been a great experience. From the great people and professors to everything I’ve learned here, I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve gained from the school.

In creative career fields, especially graphic design, 1 on 1 interaction and group critiquing is extremely vital for improvement – DMAC’s smaller size assists in these aspects immensely. The smaller class sizes allow for more 1 on 1 feedback from the knowledgeable professors, which helped me grow as a designer. This feedback, combined with the group critique from other classmates, helps to get additional viewpoints on your work that you would not have otherwise seen or even considered.

Digital art is an expansive field, and the biggest positive so far has been in the creative aspect. Every project equates to a brand new goal with a new approach to its solution. With this vastly creative field and with everything I’ve gained from DMAC, I’m looking forward to where my career path will take me.

I’ve seen many talented designers among the students throughout my three years at DMAC, and I’m sure that as long as DMAC continues to be DMAC, many, many more talented designers will spring to life thanks to the curriculum, the faculty, and the atmosphere that Digital Media Arts College creates for its students.

Check out Tony’s ADDY Award Winning Kinetic Typography work!