alyssa did my nails

Alyssa Did My Nails

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Picturesque sunsets, palm trees and sparkly patterns dazzle on Devina’s perfectly manicured nails “Alyssa did my nails” she says excitedly, “don’t you know her?” An alumnus of DMAC, Alyssa has taken her passion and creativity for design to become Boca Raton’s most sought after nail artist. She is a great example of how artists can transcend stereotypical jobs.  Five star reviews, bookings by personal appointment only and hundreds of Instagram followers, Alyssa has created a truly niche career for herself.

See what clients say about Boca Raton’s celebrity nail artist!

“Her skill, creativity and style are unmatchable!!”- Elizabeth Roth

“Very talented, there is no limit on what she can design on your nails.” -Donna Himes

“No one else will ever touch my nails!! Alyssa is the absolute BEST”- Callie Hish

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