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As a DMAC computer animation student, you will become more than just a designer, you will become a digital storyteller able to captivate and entertain an audience. The BFA program consists of core fundamentals in visual storytelling, classical art, and advanced computer-generated techniques. You will be immersed in the real-world processes of digital production flow so you come to understand every facet of animation creation. You will learn screenplay writing, storyboarding, modeling and texturing, and cinematic lighting to create mood and depth. At the end of the program, you will have a demo reel that highlights your skills in 3D modeling, animation, lighting and texturing, concept art and design, and technical direction. You can choose either the general concentration or the game art concentration.


General Concentration

Through a strong foundation in traditional visual arts, you will develop your skills in digital content creation within a classical framework. You will work mastering art skills including illustration, photography, and filmmaking, as you develop into a talented animator.



Game Art Concentration


You don’t have to be a designer to enjoy a great video game, but you do have to be a talented designer to create your own. Students in the Game Art concentration take their passion to the next level by creating games others can only imagine. You will create appealing, realistic characters and put them in amazing environments that you have designed. DMAC has the tools and toys you need to create great games.





With innovative teachers and a hands-on approach, students in the MFA in Visual Effects Animation program enhance their creativity and push their talents as they explore the limits of visual effects animation and prepare to shape the industry the same way they shape their storytelling and character creation.


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