Founded in 2002, Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) is a private, accredited arts college designed to stimulate creativity and enhance artistic skills while preparing students for careers in challenging and competitive industries. DMAC offers bachelor of fine arts degrees in Computer Animation (available with a concentration in Game Art) and Graphic Design (available with a concentration in Advertising Design), associate of science degrees in Graphic Design and Multimedia Design, a master of fine arts degree in Graphic and Web Design, and a master of science degree in Web Design & Technology. DMAC is an arts college that guides and challenges our students with expert instruction, current technologies, and relevant concepts. We also provide career training, placement assistance, and an environment that cultivates freethinking and innovation.



DMAC provides our students with a multitude of practical options for expressing creativity, developing artistic fundamentals, and learning current technological standards. Equipped with computer labs, a render farm, a motion capture lab, art studios, and a green screen wall, our boutique arts college provides students with specialized and relevant training for a demanding marketplace.

DMAC’s outstanding faculty prepares our students to develop their artistic capabilities and to channel their talents toward productive and successful careers. DMAC faculty members are highly credentialed and experienced. With small classes and a low student-teacher ratio, students at DMAC enjoy strong collaborative relationships with dedicated faculty mentors.



South Florida is fun, friendly, and cosmopolitan. It is home to television, film, and recording studios; video game development companies; and graphic design firms. It is also home to art galleries, museums, festivals, concerts, shopping districts, world class restaurants, and countless beaches.


About DMAC


About DMAC