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Multimedia Design - Online
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Computer Animation - (Bachelor of Fine Arts)



DMAC’s Computer Animation students become more than just designers—they become digital storytellers. In just three years, students earn a BFA while mastering the core fundamentals of visual storytelling, classical art, and advanced computer-generated techniques.


Successful Computer Animation careers begin with DMAC.
Our Computer Animation students choose a thesis that will be part of their final design portfolio. These portfolios showcase students’ creative perspectives, while capturing their finest work in a package that’s easy to market to potential employers. Skills students learn include the following:


  • 3-D modeling
  • Animation
  • Lighting and texturing
  • Technical direction
  • Concept art and design


Design vision dominates.
Those majoring in Computer Animation are immersed in real-world processes of digital production flow, which means students understand every facet of how real computer animations are created. Students participate in every step of the animation design process, including:


  • Screenplay writing
  • Storyboarding shots and scenes
  • Modeling, texturing, and animating characters and environments
  • Using cinematic lighting to create mood and depth


Enter as a student. Graduate as a design professional.
Because DMAC’s student-to-teacher ratio is so low, students are mentored by experienced faculty who understand their unique talents and point of view. Students are empowered to reach their full potential and develop the technical skills to match their passions—which means graduates are well prepared to land the jobs they want.


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